Why a “Rocket Science” blog? Intro

“…We should treat our blog as a record of our own learning and progression – a history of our thoughts, ideas…” – S. Mancuso, “The Software Craftsman”

Every time I tempted to start a blog, I was always trying answer these questions first:

  • do I have anything special to share? There are so many blogs out there which might already say everything I wanted!
  • will I have time to follow up and post recently? Time Management is the key topic, you know 🙂
  • which language shall I write my posts on? Well, here I have quite a choice, I should say…
  • what would be the main focus of the blog? Life in a new country, travelling, professional topics, hobbies…. well, I used to be engaged in many things 😉 

And – you might ask – did you answer your questions? Well, yes and no.

I had few blogs attempts in the past. I used to write a lot, even considered making my career path in journalism and even getting extra education in this area. I did have time during studies to write a lot, mostly about my life, travelling and social projects I was part of. Together with my friends we used quite famous back then in “post-soviet” countries platform Livejournal or as we called it “ЖЖ”. I guess today it looks much more fancy and has multi-language support. All my posts were mostly in my mother tongue and I could not only share things with my friends, but also improve my writing skills, experiment and practice.

However, since then things changed a lot. I finished my studies, but continued the constant search of myself in this big world. I moved out of my home country to get volunteer experience abroad, but my short term plans actually grew into complete relocation and building our new-old family life abroad. So my 2 unsuccessful attempts to write a blog were actually tightly connected to the unexpected challenges I got by moving to a city/country based on coincidence and not deep wise choice.

My first attempt after the move was to write blog in German just to improve my German skills which I was missing a lot. The topic didn’t matter much, the language was much more important. But back then I just started my learning path and writing stories in a language you don’t feel/know good enough doesn’t bring much joy. Especially if every phrase, special term, catchy expression you need to search in a dictionary. I think I wrote only one post and never visited that blog again.

My second attempt was to overcome crisis I had after almost a year living in a city, that most of people consider one of the best in the world and dreaming to move to. So my second idea was just to write blog about everything that surprised me here, challenged me and how to actually survive in a luxury city with a different mentality for a person with a sensitive soul. Well, yes, there are a lot of blogs about it already and truely speaking I didn’t have much time and gave up quite quickly 🙂 Luckily, I overcame crisis, found new friends, improved my language, grew professionally and started fully enjoy my life here.

So what this blog is about? Another attempt?

Recently my colleague borrowed me a book “The Software Craftsman” of Sandro Mancuso, which I highly recommend to read not only to developers, but to everyone who has at least his/her toe in IT-field.  In his book there is a small chapter about blogs in IT and why should every developer has his/her own blog: “…We may think that we don’t have original idea and no one will read our blog anyway. First of all, we should treat our blog as a record of our own learning and progression – a history of our thoughts, ideas and views of the world over our careers”.  This inspired me to start the “Rocket Science” blog, which will track the history of my learning and exploring not only technically and professionally, but  also in everyday life. I hope my blog will keep both tech-y and non-tech-y findings!

So if you decide to read more despite of the length of this post… happy reading! 🙂




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